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What is blogger ? and how to earn money from blogger?

Sarkari Khabar Presenting- what is Blogger and how to earn money online from blogger

So hello friends today, we will tell you what blogger is and what really blogger we can do without much effort, how much money can make Otherwise, in today's post, we will give you complete information and tell the full journey till you create your own blog and earn money then let's start

What is blogger and how to earn money from it

So let us tell you what a blogger is and if we can really earn money from it, then the answer is that we can really make money from blogger He also worked hard without sitting at home So let me tell you that Blogger is Google's product and you know that Google is a very big company, you can make a lot of money from it So to create your own blog you must have an email ID and a smartphone and you can then create your own blog

How to create a blog on Blogger 

B You do not have to do much to create a blog. You just have to open any browser on your device and search in Google, Blogger and then you have to go there after choosing the right option.And you have to login with email ID and then you have to create your blog and if you want to set your own domain name there, then do not need to apply it and it is not necessary After completing the process, you must write one or more posts on your blog daily 

What to do to make money from blog

Now you have created your blog but now you are wondering how to earn money, here I tell you that you have created a blog and after that you have written a post, then wait a few days and wait for your Inside the blog Check the option to earn money by clicking on the option and when there is a button for the signup for adsense, then apply for the adsense and after that your website is well within the robot of Google Will check and they will feel that the website or blog is completely unique and there is no copyright in it, what will they do, you will get the application submitted by you and your blog Make money on website

Now if you make money then how will you get those money? 

I will give you all the information today, now if you earn money then how do you get that money, then let me tell you here that when you have $ 100 in your Adsense account, 6 to 7 thousand rupees, then Google will deposit the money to your bank on the 23rd of the month and you will get this money through wire transfer.

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