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What is Adsense? and how to earn money from Adsense

Sarkari Khabar Presenting, How it Adsense Work.

Adsense is a very simple way to online earning 

So hello friends today we are going to tell you through this short post that what is the adsense and how it works and how we can make money in a very easy way with the help of it, even sitting in the house So let's start

1-what is Adsense

First of all, let me tell you what you have the qualifications to make money from adsense. First of all, here you must have a lot of information about adsense, first thing to talk about What Adsense is, then let me What Adsense is, then let me tell you that one of Google's Adsense An ad A network company that shows an advertiser's ad in public, and in return, he has to pay

2-How Adsense Works 

So let us now tell you how the adsense works, here I tell you one thing that if the adsense works in two ways, to know which is the two ways, or are we going to do these two ways If you can make money, then you can earn money through these methods, so let's talk about those two methods.

Which are two ways to earn money from adsense

[A]-Creating Your Own YouTube Channel

The first way to make money from adsense is to create a YouTube channel of your own and after you create a YouTube channel, you have to apply for the adsense on your own and after that you have to add an Ad You can earn money, he too can sit at home for free

[B]- By creating your own website or blog

What is the other way to earn money from Google Adsense, today we tell you how to earn money from Google Adsense Another way to earn money from Google Adsense is to create a website of your own or create a blog on Blogger, after that you have to write a daily post on that website or blog for 15 days

3- How to create an AdSense account 

To create an AdSense account, you must have a website URL and an email id, after which you can create an account for an AdSense account.

4- What are the types of Adsense Accounts

[A]- Publisher

Publishers' accounts make those who want to earn money from Google Adsense

[B]- Advertiser

Advertiser account that they want to promote any thing or any business or any company from Google Adsense

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