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How create YouTube channel and earn money in 2019

  • Sarkari Khabar Presenting 
How to Create Professional YOUTUBE Channel & earn Money Online

Today, we are going to tell you how you can make a free YouTube channel by making yourself a free and earning money without having to work hard. So let's tell you from the beginning without wasting time 

What are the things you need to take care of first and what things you need to have 

1- Valid Email ID ANY DOMAIN Eg.(

How to create Email Address (Free)
If you want to create an email id for free, then you can easily create it through Google or Microsoft. So let's now tell you a Gmail account through Google. 
  • Open any browser in your smartphone or tablet or desktop and type creatives Gmail account and search result, you can create your Gmail or email account by choosing right option

  • Now begins to make our YouTube channel Now you have to type in any of your browsers like and if you are doing mobile then enable the desktop site and then login to youtube with the same email id and make it right Click on the people who are made and see the Creater Studio Click on the option and then you can create your own YouTube channel. 

  • Now let's tell you what to do next 

So now you have to make your own video and keep in mind you never copy any other video or song and put it on your channel.Otherwise you can never earn money from YouTube
  • Now, what you have to do on your channel to earn money free from YouTube, let us tell you 

  • Firstly, you have to create one thousand subscribers on your channel i.e. the person who watches your video, subscribe to your channel to watch more videos of your channel And you must say or write in your video that if you have to watch such a video then you must subscribe to our channel and definitely press the bell icon

    • Along with completing one thousand subscribers, you will have to complete 4000 hours or 240000 minutes watchtime to earn money on your channel, then you will get your channel Can earn money

     After that, when you have completed these two conditions, now you have to apply for adsense. Now you are thinking that what is this adsense, then we tell you that the adsense is Google's product.And after that your channel will go for review, with YouTube and if Google approve your channel then you can make money from your channel 

    So it was a simple process to make money by creating a YouTube channel.

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